There could be many reasons you can’t have pillar candles in every color for candle magic-

You live in a dorm/small apartment and don’t have the space or aren’t allowed to have candles

You’re still in the broom-closet and need to hide your supplies (from parents, s/o’s, friends, etc.)

You don’t have the money

or you might not have the time to sit down and perform what could possibly be a 2 hour spell just waiting for the wax to melt out to the edges of the candle so you don’t waste wax. 

Good thing you don’t need pillar candles~~

Chime candles can be hard to get a hold of (there was a shop in the last town I lived in that sold them, but now I buy them online because I can’t get there,) so if they are still too much (too costly, too big, too OBVIOUS) then there’s a very simple solution- Birthday candles. Yep, those cheap ones that come in packs of 36 in every color. You can even get gold and silver candles for a reasonable price this way. And, it wouldn’t be strange for anyone to open up a kitchen drawer and see a few packs of these lying around, even in a dorm room (black birthday candles are easy to get a hold of now, too.) Just charge and use them the way you would use any candle for magic, just alter the timing a bit to make up for how quickly these burn up. Also, this way, you don’t have to worry about re-using candles for spells. You use one, finish it, and you’re done with that candle (you shouldn’t be re-using candles for candle magic anyway, but if you spend $10 on a candle it’s hard not to.)

I still prefer chime candles. Their timing works better for me and, frankly, I have a pretty candle holder that has been with me since the beginning of my practice, and I like to see it filled with burning candles. However, birthday candles can be very useful and, sometimes, they’re the easiest option.