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    Festival of Wag 2014.

    There are days where I realize how much I enjoy festivals that have no relation on my gods.

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    Happy Wep Ronpet!

    In my area, Wep Ropet fell on August 11th. 

    The night before WR I made some gift baskets for my guests, which included caramels, chocolates, a foam brush, a red sharpie, and a tag with their name written in hieroglyphs. I put all their treats in a ceramic pot, which were part of the WR ritual. 

    I started the day by kissing Ra after a long night prepping and cleaning for the day’s festivities. Sunrise here was at 5:23, so I made some sweet cream chai tea and brought it as an offering as I watched the sunrise. (If you want to find out when WR is in your area I recommend Devo’s post about the intercalary/epagomenal days and WR. I got most of my inspiration from that. I recommend reading it first.)

    After a long nap I took a purifying bath with a salt mix (50/50 Epsom salts and sea salt,) and a sachet containing lavender, sandalwood, juniper berries, cedar wood, and a few cinnamon sticks. Ritual purification was important to the Egyptians, and I love taking purification baths, so I took that route, though I know a lot of people do the purification bath after WR celebrations. If you’re not a fan of baths I have two posts that give alternatives to purify yourself.  Once I was bathed I got dressed and anointed myself with some perfume my friend Hamada got for me in Egypt (it smells like spicy, rich incense) and put on some black and gold makeup.

    Then I baked the cupcakes, which was 1/2 box of Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix, because I only had half the box left from my wife’s birthday. The reason I used red velvet was so the color could represent the blood of A/pep, and it was easier for me to make a shape of a snake using cupcakes. After I made the cake and decorated it I suddenly got nervous about the representation of A/pep so I drizzled some red icing over his neck to mimic decapitation, just to be safe. I set up our kitchen table like an altar, and offered up other foodstuffs and candles in celebration. For some other snacks I made some cinnamon honey sliced apples, a mix of chocolate and almonds, and some large grapes.

    Once my friends came over we started by writing down negative things about ourselves on the terracotta pots using the red sharpies. Many of us wrote down things like laziness, rudeness, but some of us got specific about how we treat certain people in our lives (I think it was rather cathartic for my friends.) Once we were all done we painted the pots and moved on to destroying A/pep by eating the cupcakes. 

    Destroying the snake image of A/pep is an important part of Wep Ronpet, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be food-based destruction, though that is very enjoyable; I’ve seen posts of people destroying a drawing of A/pep with execrations written on the drawing. The execration is similar to new year resolutions, but instead of saying that you resolve to achieve a goal, you’re destroying the negative aspects of yourself. 

    After filling up on cupcakes and fruit we took our dried pots outside, each in their own paper bag to make clean-up easier, and smashed them. We each took turns as the others cheered on, and I burned some kapet to aid in both the ritual aspect as well as to set the scene. It took everyone a moment to get into the destruction, but it ended with all of us stomping on our bags. 

    The rest of the night was spent eating, listening to music, and sharing stories. One of my close friends ended up doing research about WR and so it was a lot of fun to see her connect the story to the various rituals. (She’s also a stubborn atheist so it was really exciting to see her interest and curiosity about it.)

    In the end it was a very successful party, and my friends asked to be invited to the next celebration I planned on participating in, which was really flattering. While 6 full days of rituals was exhausting I ended up feeling refreshed and ready for a new year come sunset at the end of Wep Ronpet. 

    This may have changed my opinion on holidays…

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    Sorry I haven’t made a post in a few days, I’ve been busy with interviews and working strange hours. I should have my WR post up tomorrow, till then I’m sorry for the delay 

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    you’re not a bad person if there are actual reasons why looking at ferguson stuff makes you terribly anxious or paranoid and im not going to fault you if you can’t. but, if you are humanly able, please reblog the posts on how to help, how to avoid tear gas, how to help pay for legal fees, the vigilsetc., and please, if you have the hd space, download and archive every video/picture of this you can, they are being taken off of social media. 

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    Does anyone have any pro-tips on how to clear your mind while meditating?

    I know meditation is SUPPOSED to do that, but my brain is so hyperactive sometimes that I can hardly sit still—my brain just wants to think ALL THE THINGS.

    Any advice would be sincerely appreciated!

    I can’t actually meditate because my mind doesn’t stfu. My mind is always, always running. In order to fall asleep at night, I have to tell myself a story so that my mind will shut up enough to fall asleep. It’s fucking ridiculous.

    So, I usually do repetitive type actions when I want to “meditate.” The repetitive action is enough for my thoughts to shut down enough to have a semi-meditative experience.

    I have the same problem. If you’re determined to meditate the best thing to do is do something that is physically and mentally exhausting, without being emotionally draining (if that makes sense.) What helps me a lot is going for a walk while listening to music and daydreaming, or taking a hot bath while reading something that’s not too intense.

    Even if I don’t end up meditating then I still have the calming benefits of walking or bathing. Obviously this changes for everyone, but that’s what helps me.

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    I have a genuine question for you all. I’m working on editing my Wep Ronpet post and I don’t know if I should make it super detailed, giving information about how I organized the day and all that technical ceremonial stuff OR should I keep it simple with a couple of pictures and a general description?

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    Dua Nebt-het!

    Today, August 10th, was the fifth and final epagomenal day and Nebt-het’s birthday. My offerings were a sharp cheese and hibiscus/berry tea along with a purple candle and some kapet I made last year. On the altar I have a mini vase with coins, an amethyst seeing stone, some apache tears, a small fossil, a purple bottle, and a 5-minute hourglass. From left to right in the frame I have her epithets, an ink picture I draw, and her name stitched into black fabric. 

    Happy Birthday Nebt-het!

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  • daggeroftherose-deactivated2014 asked a question 1 week ago
    daggeroftherose-deactivated2014 hold up? aset;s birthdy is on august 9th???? wow thats my birthday too :D (new devotee and learning about her)

    Yep! Well, it depends on where you live and when Wep Ronpet is in your area, but for me it was the 11th so her birthday was the 9th. Happy Birthday to you too, then :)

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